Thursday, December 24, 2009


Harga Pasaran (Malaysia) : RM 799
Harga Saya :
RM 698 - harga lama
Sekarang : RM 645 (Anda jimat ~RM160! dr harga pasaran)

:: Mengapa mesti pilih Medela Swing? ::

1- 'Single-electric Pump'.

2- Mempunyai '2-Phase Expression'-sama seperti Medela Harmony.

Membantu mengepam susu dengan lebih banyak dalam masa yang singkat.

3- Menggunakan 4 biji bateri AA (not included). Kalau takde bateri boleh guna 'adapter'.

4- 'Adjustable speed & vacuum'.

5- Ada 'SoftFit Breastshield' yang selesa.

:: Apa Yang Ada Di Dalam Set Medela Swing Anda? ::

1- '2 5 oz. Containers'.

2- '1 Container Stand'.

3- 'Valve & Membranes'.

4- 'SoftFit Breastshield'.

5- 'Tubing'.

6- 'AC Adapter'.

7- 'Neck/Shoulder Strap'.

8- 'Instruction Manual'.

9. 'Drawstring-Bag'.


The Zulkiflis said...
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The Zulkiflis said...

Hi. do u always have medela swing in stock? or is it limited units? i'm only 2 months pregnant. i might want it when i'm about to deliver. pls respond to my email
thanks! (and pls let me know the postage charge too)

Seri said...

Ade pakej medela swing + bag tak? byr gune c.c boleh?

MamaHawra said...

yes, same here. i am 6 weeks pregger and have a long way to go before giving birth. will you have ready stock for Medela Swing? my email is will be waiting. thanks.

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